Project Boon’s Backpack Drive: A Resounding Success in Supporting Students Throughout the Inland Empire

On June 13, 2023, Project Boon unveiled its ambitious plan to distribute thousands of backpacks and school supplies to under-resourced students in Southern California. This initiative aimed to alleviate the financial burden on families while ensuring that every student had the necessary resources for academic success. Led by co-founder Christopher Suchánek, Project Boon’s backpack drive turned out to be a remarkable success, leaving a positive impact on the communities it served.


Meeting a Critical Need

In the wake of the pandemic, many families in the region were grappling with financial difficulties. The need for essential school supplies became even more pronounced as families faced economic challenges. Project Boon recognized this critical need and decided to take action. By providing backpacks and school supplies, the organization aimed to make a tangible difference in the lives of students along the 210 corridor of Southern California.

Community Support and Partnerships

One of the key factors that contributed to the success of Project Boon’s backpack drive was the robust support it received from the local community and businesses. Several local companies, including Amazon, Sweetgreen, and The Rialto Grocery Outlet, stepped up to donate food, aiding in the organization’s goal of distributing 50,000 meals to combat food insecurity in the area. Moreover, local businesses played a crucial role in spreading the word and collecting donations. Nambah Coffee, Firm Media, and Hitch Burger served as drop-off locations for collection boxes, making it convenient for community members to contribute to the cause.

Distribution Events

Project Boon distributed backpacks and school supplies in partnership with local schools and organizations. They held a Back-to-School Backpack Event in Bloomington, CA, offering both backpacks and groceries to families. They also distributed backpacks to schools along the 210 corridor from Colton, CA to Glendora, CA, with over 1,000 volunteer hours contributed by community members.


Call for Ongoing Support

As Project Boon continues its mission to support under-resourced communities, it is calling on local businesses to join the cause and invest in the education of the region’s children. By fostering partnerships and encouraging community involvement, Project Boon aims to create a sustainable impact on the lives of those it serves.



Project Boon’s backpack drive exemplifies the power of community, collaboration, and compassion. By addressing the immediate needs of under-resourced students in Southern California, the organization has made significant strides in ensuring that every child has a fair chance at academic success. With ongoing support and dedication, Project Boon continues to be a beacon of hope and support for the communities it serves.