Did you know that 67% of nonprofits in our region have revenues under $25k? If funding to nonprofits increased, we could strengthen these organizations, create more jobs, and induce local spending to ripple through the regional economy. Investing in nonprofits not only changes lives but also expands a key workforce that contributes to economic vitality and improved quality of life!


Planned giving to Project Boon can provide valuable support to the under-resourced in our community while allowing you to maximize your personal financial and philanthropic goals.

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Where do Project Boon Funds Go?

Holiday Based Events

Social Services and Supplies

International Outreach

Administrative Expenses

Holiday Based Events:
50% of Boon funds go toward our annual community-based health and resource events. To date Project Boon has served over 261,500 meals during these events.


Social Services and Supplies:
25% of Project Boon funds go toward securing haircuts, flu shots, dental exams, eye exams, backpacks, school supplies and toys.


International Outreach:
5% of funds go toward supporting under-resourced families in Mexico. Boon provides families with groceries, basic necessities, access to hygiene, school supplies, and toys.


Administrative Expenses:
20% of Boon funds go toward day-to-day administrative expenses. These expenses include: office supplies, phone services, insurance, website hosting, and overhead expenses.