Project Boon Celebrates Remarkable Year of Local Philanthropy, Generous Giving

Despite the ongoing disruptions of COVID-19, Project Boon enjoyed a busy and fruitful 2021. In a new statement to the press, the non-profit organization shares some facts and figures that highlight a remarkable year and celebrates the commitment of its incredible donors and volunteers.

“We’re so proud of the impact we made on the local community this year,” comments Chris Suchánek, the founder of Project Boon. “And none of it

would have been possible without our incredible network of supporters.”


Among its other achievements, Project Boon distributed 40,000 meals this year, including 9,000 at Thanksgiving alone. Additionally, the organization shared 1,030 health resource packets, 900 Christmas toys, 600 Easter baskets, and 1,200 backpacks stocked with school supplies. To accomplish all of this, Project Boon boasted the support of over 640 volunteers.

“Even in less-than-favorable conditions, our community stepped up and made a truly major impact on countless lives,” Suchánek concludes. “We’re thankful for all we accomplished together and excited for what the new year will bring!”