Meet Maria

María Salud Vega Aguilar is 40 years old and married, living with her husband, sons, and daughter-in-law. She works from home doing napkin embroidery, while the men in the family work out in the fields.

Project Boon can help improve her living situation by providing her with a sewing machine that will allow for a better seam. She would also like a griddle to make tortillas that she could then sell and would give her another source of income. Mrs. Aguilar would also like to have a community day care service that is open for more than 8 hours so that she could work without having to leave her children alone.

For her personal growth, she would like to take cooking classes to learn how to have variety in preparing her dishes.

Mrs. Aguilar has 4 children. The youngest is attending primary school but is unmotivated because he is going through a family struggle that is affecting him emotionally. As a result, Mrs. Aguilar would like psychological attention to improve the emotional situation of child and herself.